Parcel arrives from Diesel HQ Italy

Arriving home late one friday night back in Feb 2012 and to my complete surprise a yellow parcel was hanging out my mail box. Upon inspecting the outside of the parcel, it was from Diesel HQ in Italy. Holly Molly…. I dropped everything and carefully opened it, what should I find? A signed copy of Renzo’s new book, Be Stupid for Successful Living. It would now feel and seem that all my birthdays had come at once!

Diesel’s Be Stupid advertising campaign created a stir worldwide. Now the philosophy behind the campaign is presented in full in Renzo Rosso’s manual of practical advice and business-tested wisdom for achieving success. Drawing on his experience as a creative entrepreneur, Rosso explains how the braveness to make stupid decisions and the ability to see things for how they could be helped him build a successful company. Be Stupid is a method for learning: a guide for how to listen to your heart and not your head, to be creative instead of critical, and to get back on your feet after a downfall. The book reflects the inspiring story and personality of the author: methodical but fun, creative but rational, passionate and pragmatic.


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One comment on “Parcel arrives from Diesel HQ Italy
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